Bucket List

One thing I love about teaching is what I learn from others especially my students. During finals this year, my students were presenting their updated websites and had to tell me what their personal project would be this summer. Many were graduating and I wanted them to come up with an idea personal to them that would keep them engaged in the fun of photography and hopefully relieve them of stress from job hunting. One student identified her annual bucket list. I thought this idea was brilliant, so I made my own bucket list for this summer:

  1. Blog more. Since I currently blog a few times a year, this should be low hanging fruit or easy to achieve.
  2. Photoshop Artistry. For personal development, I signed up for an online set of courses through Photoshop Artistry. Being more of a Lightroom person, I wanted a challenge in Photoshop and another technique to express my creativity. Stay tuned for images from this coursework.
  3. Star trails. A few years ago, I took a class with Beth Ruggiero-York on night photography. You know what happens when you don’t practice? You forget. And I did. So, I listened to her podcast and am rereading her book to capture star trails this summer.

I think three is enough for my summer bucket list. If I have too many listed, I won’t achieve them all. What’s on your bucket list?

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