Hit the Road

After much anticipation, I left my wonderful home, spouse and kids for a two-and-a-half-month road trip to photograph water as part of my sabbatical project. It was exciting and a little scary to leave the relaxation of my home and family this morning for such a long trip. As I drove today I reflected on many conversations from the past week regarding my trip. I got questions like, “Why take such a long trip away from your family? Aren’t you afraid to go alone?” My answer is simply, “I need to do this.” Don’t get my wrong, I would love it if they could join me, but, they have work and school, so I am traveling solo.

Answering the question “Aren’t you afraid to go alone?” is a harder question to answer. Twenty years ago, I would not have considered taking a trip like this alone. When I was sixteen years old, my mom and I were kidnapped at gunpoint from a Phoenix mall. The ordeal could have been much worse; we were lucky. As a result, I spent many years fearful of being alone whether it was hiking or traveling and allowed that ordeal to limit my life experiences. Since then, I found a new awareness of my surroundings and only in the past few years taken solo trips scouting for new photo workshops. So, back to my answer, “I need to do this.” This trip, I will experience it all while overcoming those fears that limited previous travels. Now if I can just master backing up the trailer.

17 thoughts on “Hit the Road

  1. Deb Maisch

    I am excited for your solo trip adventures and experiences! Look forward to your posts, have a great time! – you need to do this!

  2. Sherry Lofton

    You are so brave and I love the sense of adventure inherent in your plans. Keep updating us, stay safe, and have a wonderful time!

  3. Kim Vera

    So excited to stay connected to you through your blog posts! You are an inspiration to me and so many others! Have fun, enjoy the experience and know you have family and friends supporting you the entire time! You got this!

  4. Sara Goodnick

    I was raised by my mom to be scared of almost everything. Neither of us had anything bad happen like you did. She was protective and loving, but I have not been brave until recently. A year ago I took my own week-long trip to the northwest sometimes alone, sometimes visiting old friends because I needed to. I had such a great time! Solo travel has distinct benefits. Senses are refined and on alert. Emotional emphasis changes.
    Freedom and independence become coupled with increased self-reliance. Meetings with strangers can open interesting conversations that might never have occurred if one is in the company of a companion. The long drives alone give the mind time for creative thought. Of course, extra precautions must be made and I am sure you have that covered. The need calls and must be answered.

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you Sara, I agree completely about interesting conversations and of course, I have taken precautions.

  5. Hal Tretbar

    Hi Amy
    It is never too soon or too late do an adventure that has been on your mind for awhile. A solo photo trip is the way to go. You can do anything on the spur of the moment. You don’t have to worry about some not wanting to wait for the right moment to capture the perfect image.

    May the Weather Gods be favorable and the Automotive Gods be protective.

    Good luck and Bon Voyage.

  6. Christye Flanagan

    Hope you have a great trip! So proud of you for doing this. I feel I pushed myself out of my box too when I went on the bear and eagle trip with Arizona Highways in June. It was fantastic. I feel I really accomplished something in so many ways. This trip for you is kind of the same. Have fun and keep blogging!

  7. dave healey

    Just started with ” Hit the Road”.
    Brought tears to my eyes !
    dave h.


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