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Planning a Trip?

Amy Horn Planner

My 18-month planner with my image on both covers.

Being a smartphone user, I often find the “right” app to schedule, plan, list, or whatever the topic, as long as it keeps me organized. For the past month, I have been planning my year off sabbatical that starts in August, and again, I went to my phone to get organized. One app I appreciate is Microsoft’s “Notes” app. I can copy/paste websites, text, or whatever and it syncs with my computer and is easy to use. But a friend suggested another option: an analog planner. Analog meaning, old-fashioned, use a pen or pencil to write on the pages, type of planner. It took me a few days to concede and now I can’t believe I hesitated.

planner monthly view

Planner from Practical Paper Company, monthly view.

From Flagstaff’s Practical Paper Company, https://practicalpaperco.com/, I made my planner. The planners come in two sizes (thicknesses) based on the contents chosen for your spiral bound notebook. Several styles (daily, weekly) and options (notes, lists, expenses, etc.) make every planner custom and unique. What really made this experience special was the option to use my own photo on the front and back covers. My planner brings joy to me whenever I open it, not just because of the trips I will take with it, but because I designed it. The planner holds reservation numbers, detailed shooting locations and many other details for my camping trip along the Pacific Coast from California to Washington. There is something satisfying with putting down the phone and writing too. I use a written “to-do” list and feel so accomplished when I complete a task and cross an item off the list. Far more accomplished than deleting an item from a digital list. On a final note, I won’t need to worry if I have cell coverage to find my reservation numbers. It will be at my fingertips in my planner. So, if you are looking to plan a trip, consider a planner, it has made my trip planning quick and easy.