Mung Beans Sprouted

Mung bean sprouting
Macro image of a mung bean sprouting.

Recently, I took on the challenge to sprout my own mung beans. You might be wondering why or when to use these beans; well, I put them on top on our bowls and salads. Like other sprouts in the grocery store (ex: alfalfa, broccoli), mung beans are easy to sprout. The steps below take you through sprouting your own beans.

  1. Purchase mung beans. I purchased beans in bulk from our local health food store.
  2. Find a jar with a screen or cheesecloth top. A pint canning jar works great and I use a small piece of screen then screw on the top without a lid.
  3. Next, fill the jar ¼ full of beans.
  4. Soak the mung beans overnight.
  5. Drain the beans and from here on out, rinse the beans twice a day draining all standing water. Within a day or two you will see sprouts!   
sprouted mung beans
After four days, the sprouted mung beans turned into plants.

Mung beans are high in vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber and sprouted – they have more antioxidants and amino acids. ( Eat them quickly or they may turn into full plants. When that happened to mine, I ate them anyway.

Lastly, for the photographers, I used my Olympus 60mm macro lens, window light, and a piece of black plexi glass. This is a single image (not focus stacked).

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