Big Sur/Asilomar Beach

Plaskett Creek
Big Sur in sunlight

Big Sur in sunlight

After leaving Morro Bay, I drove along internet-less Highway 1 to Plaskett Creek Campground. Since the road is not open between Morro Bay and Big Sur, I drove around the closure for 4.5 hours to end up 60 miles north of Morro Bay. The beautiful drive along Big Sur gave me a great chance to scout and pull off at several vistas while it was sunny. One regret… next time, when I pull off at a vista I will take more than just iPhone photos instead of thinking, “Oh, I will come back tomorrow.” I did go back the next day, but the fog/marine layer never lifted and the images were completely different. So, here is an iPhone shot of the Pacific Coast at Big Sur and one of the marine layer/fog. My campground was perfect. Plaskett Creek Campground is a secluded spot with Sand Dollar Beach walking distance away, fire rings and a nice slanted driveway to back into. I did make a campfire but that was odd, with all the fire restrictions in Flagstaff and Arizona.

Big Sur in Fog

Big Sur in Fog

Parking in Carmel

90 degree parking job with assistance!

I spent one night at an RV park in Carmel. That was fancy. But the worst parking so far. My dad told me if I couldn’t back in, relax and drive around the park and try again. Well, after twice around the park, an employee finally helped direct me to back in. In my defense, it was a 90 degree turn I had to back the trailer into. Current backing up tally – 2 and 1 (one fail).


The 24 hours I spent in Carmel was mostly at Asilomar State Beach. What a great place. I stayed for sunset and returned early in the morning for low tide. A sea star caught my eye and while scrambling to it, I had visions of me getting wet, but I stayed dry and got the shot. The kelp intrigued me as well.

Sea star

Sea star

Some days, I am out “shooting” until after sunset, so I make simple meals. So far, I have added chicken to cup o noodles and made my own potato and veggie soup. I have not made Austin’s famous mashed potato and jerky burritos – nor will I! Lunches are often turkey jerky, fruit and a boiled egg. Keeping it simple allows for more time shooting. I’m off to civilization for a few days visiting family in Los Gatos and catching up on photo processing. Then I will be on the road for three weeks by myself.

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  1. Jaymee

    I do jerky for lunch too, but this weekend I’m going to try a those packets of tuna. I have a friend that does it during our backpacking trips, and he loves it. I am loving the details of low tide!!! My favorite.


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